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Soon we will know the release date of Days Gone

The title for PS4 will be released sometime in 2019

The debut of Days Gone was planned for this year; however, Sony Bend Studio decided to delay its new project until 2019. At the moment, there are no details of its exact launch date, but the good news is that this will change soon.

Chris Reese, director of the study, spoke on the subject during a meeting with Screen Rant (via DualShockers ). The developer did not give specific details, but he said that it is not long to know the release date of Days Gone.

"We'll have more information about that soon," Reese said simply. Given this statement, it is not uncommon to think that we will know the details next month, specifically within the framework of E3 2018.

The Sony conference will be held on Monday, June 11 at 8 PM in Mexico City, 10 PM from Santiago, Chile. We know that the presentation will focus mainly on 4 titles; however, the company will also make some announcements.

It is expected that Days Gone will have a participation in the event and hopefully, we will know its launch date. What is a fact is that we will see it until next year? Fortunately, during the last weeks, we have had a lot of information about him.

Thanks to this we know that the title will last approximately 30 hours and that it will tell us the story of Deacon, his brother, and the NERO organization. According to Bend Studio, our decisions will impact your narrative.

The title will have a hostile world where it will be quite difficult to survive. To transport us throughout the map we will have a motorcycle that we can customize in various aspects.
Days Gone is in development exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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