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Sanhok is the final name of the new map of PUBG

They prepare an open Beta for the area previously known as Savage

PUBG Corp. presented at the end of March the new map of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, which we know as Savage. However, it was a temporary key name, but fortunately, the company revealed today how the new zone will be officially called.

From now on, Savage is renamed Sanhok, a name inspired by the origins of the map, that is, in various regions of Asia. The name comes from the Thai word sah-nook, which means fun, as well as the Filipino word mah-nok, which means chicken.

PUBG Corp. also confirmed that the next phase of testing with the map will be open so all interested parties can participate without needing a password. Take into account that the Beta will only be available in the PC game version.
The test will start next Thursday, May 10. You can play games in Sanhok starting at 9 PM in Mexico City, 11 PM in Santiago de Chile. The test will be available at the weekend so it will be extended until the 14th of the same month.

"While the full release of Sanhok is only a couple of months away, we expect to make many changes based on the feedback the players give us, so get involved!" The company wrote.

In related news, PUBG Corp. had to disable the War mode event for emergency maintenance for the Battle Royale. On the other hand, the company disabled the personal exchange of objects and skins to prevent sales on the site from third parties.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is available on Xbox One and PC.


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