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Reveal RAGE 2 presale extras in the US

Content includes an exclusive mission and the armor of Nicholas Raine

Now that RAGE 2 has been confirmed by Bethesda, there are still several months of waiting for this delivery will arrive in 2019 to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, unlike some titles that show progress and may even be preordered without showing something specific, the new delivery developed by id Software and Bethesda has everything planned and even the presale in the United States gives some extras to those who set aside their copy from this moment.

According to a Wccftech report, the pre-sale of RAGE 2 in Amazon EUA has already started and those who set aside their copy, whose cost is $ 59.99 USD, can be sure that the launch day will receive additional content that will arrive via digital. In this way, users who acquire the game in the US store will have access to an exclusive mission "Cult of the Death God" and to the Settler Pistol, which is the first weapon that you acquire in RAGE. Also, the pre-sale extras include the armor of Nicholas Raine, the protagonist of the first title, and a Monster Truck to start with the exploration of the open world without the law of RAGE 2.

RAGE 2 will debut sometime in 2019.


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