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Reveal the first anniversary skins of Overwatch

Soldier: 76 and Tracer will have new designs

Blizzard Entertainment will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Overwatch with a new event. As often happens in these cases, the study is gradually releasing the skins that will be available during this activity, so now we can take a look at a couple of new outfits.

In Overwatch Anniversary players will find 8 legendary skins and 3 epic skins. Thanks to the social accounts of the game, we know that Soldier: 76 and Tracer will have epic designs, which were shown in small videos.

The first to be revealed was Soldier: 76 Poison, where we can see Jack Morrison in a green suit with black and some details in red and white. Also, his face is completely covered and the emblem of a cobra on his back.
Then we have Lightning Tracer, epic skin with black and yellow colors that add a new viewer for the heroine. However, the most important change in this outfit is that Tracer's hair has a new cut and is blond. Look more quickly.
Recall that during the revelation of the event we learned that Junkrat will have a new pirate skin, which surely belongs to the list of legendary designs. The rest could be revealed in the following days, but the complete collection will be known until the start of the Overwatch Anniversary.

The anniversary event will begin on May 22 and end on June 11. In this edition all the skins and activities of the last years will return, so players can participate in modalities such as LĂșciobol and get Halloween designs, just to give an example. 

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