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Private crews arrived at Sea of ​​Thieves

The patch added an interesting change to the gaming experience

As promised last week, Rare today released the new update for Sea of Thieves, which has integrated the possibility of defining whether the user wants their crew to be assigned privately or publicly, as well as some changes and improvements.

The patch for Sea of Thieves, 800 MB, has come with the option to select if we want the crew to be open or closed, this with the aim of having a better management in terms of the players we receive in our boat. The closed crew option will allow a player to select and invite players from their list of friends, who will decide whether or not to join the game, this change will replace the previous option, Solo, and Rare revealed that in the future it will be It is possible to block users, in addition to which we will soon be able to modify our open or closed crew decision in real time.

At the same time, the new patch for Sea of Thieves came with the changes promised in terms of improvements in the user interface, changes in the price of some items and a new modification in the gameplay, since you can no longer see the name of the game. the user of the players if they are submerged in the water, which will give rise to new strategies of the surprise attack.

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One and Windows 10.


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