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Presented World War 3, a new and ambitious war shooter

The Farm 51 collaborates with real war experts for this project.

With the purpose of creating a warlike shooter capable of combining the freneticism of the war shooters with a realistic and tactical approach, the Polish studio The Farm 51 ( Get Even , Painkiller) makes public the existence of World War 3 , an ambitious multiplayer shooter in first person recreated in the engine Unreal Engine 4 and whose details of launch are still a mystery.

Set in the third decade of the 21st century, World War 3 will allow us to take part in the conflict on foot or in military vehicles, and with soldiers from all over the world, such as the Polish armed forces. To ensure the credibility of its contents, the project has the active participation of experts in the arms industry and real military units, including veterans of GROM, SAS, SEAL and more. The help of these professionals will help to recreate more advanced combat strategies, which seems to be one of the most powerful points of World War 3. In addition, The Farm 51 promises to strive to innovate in areas such as an interaction between players, planning strategic, team play and even the monetization of the game.

It's still early to see it in motion, but a short teaser has already been shared with images taken from the game's engine and that shows its arrival (at least) to PC through Steam.

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