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Owlboy for Switch only took 24 hours to be profitable

The title makes evident the success of the indies in the hybrid console

It has been known for a long time that indies are a success in Nintendo Switch, so there are more and more studios watching with good eyes the possibility of reaching the platform. To give you an idea of how well received these games are among the audience of the hybrid console, we tell you that the Owlboy port took 24 hours to be a profitable project.

In a recent question and answer session with reddit users, Jo-Remi Madsen, general manager and programmer of D-Pad Studios was questioned about the sales performance of Owlboy for Switch compared to other platforms. While the studio still does not have figures from Owlboy's sales on PS4 and Xbox One, it did say that its success at Switch took it by surprise.

"Amazing! We still do not have figures from other platforms, but Owlboy for Switch made profits 24 hours after its release in Switch, which took us by surprise. It really is a good thing for financing future projects, "he said.

It is important to note that this surely only refers to the cost that the development of the port for Owlboy Switch had. That is, does not take into account the money that cost to create its original release for PC, which debuted last year.

Considering how well received Owlboy was for Nintendo Switch it is not surprising that D-Pad Studios has decided to release it in physical format and in a collector's edition. So, we'll see if these products help increase their success and make the study have more ambitious plans for the platform.

Owlboy is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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