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Nintendo decisions will be evaluated by a panel of 5 members

Shuntaro Furukawa will change the way projects are approved

Last week, Nintendo announced that Tatsumi Kimishima, its current president, would leave office on June 28 and would instead be Shuntaro Furukawa, an executive with a background in the company since 1994, at The Pokémon Company since 2012 and who collaborated so important with Switch's sales plans. The arrival of Furukawa is considered as a new stage in the company after the period of transition that began after the death of Satoru Iwata and recently has revealed details about their work ideas.

According to a report by Serkan Toto, CEO of Kantan Games Inc., a company that offers several services to developers, researchers and video game analysts, the next Nintendo president revealed some of his plans in an interview for Nikkei. Initially, the interview showed Furukawa's objective in terms of opening markets to place the company's products and in that sense, the manager mentioned that Nintendo has focused on Japan, the United States, and Europe in past decades and although Switch is sold in 50 countries, wants to bring Nintendo products to the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but did not mention the Chinese market.

On the other hand, the interview conducted by Nikkei ensured that Kimishima's decision to appoint Furukawa is due to its potential to make the most of the development teams and that it has been an important part of a 2-year process in which the future of Nintendo has been planned.

In terms of major changes that Nintendo will experience, the publication states that Furukawa will form a panel of 5 directors, including them, who will evaluate some of the company's projects and decisions to consider their viability and approve them.
In this way, everything indicates that Nintendo will enter a new stage that will take some traditional elements of the company, but that will inject new ideas and present interesting changes.


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