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New evidence indicates that Death Stranding is set in Iceland

Hideo Kojima himself retweets a theory of an amateur that says so.

Do you remember the strange publication of Death Stranding that Hideo Kojima shared on Twitter a few days ago? Between jokes and memes in the comment box, the amateur Rafael Andrade found certain similarities between the orography recreated in the Decima Engine engine and the moss from the lava fields of Iceland. A theory that has gained much acceptance after the Japanese creative himself retuiteara the hypothesis of Andrade.

If true, then it is likely that Death Stranding is set in Iceland, in a fictional place inspired by Iceland, that we visit briefly during the adventure or that the trailer we see in the imminent E3 2018 is vaguely related to this country in some way. It is difficult to determine: to this day, we know very little about the game. However, the other day the actor Mads Mikkelsen suggested that Death Stranding would have a cooperative mode.

Be that as it may, we will have more information next June 12, during the Sony conference at E3. The first trailers of the game have presented us with an inhospitable and sinister future in which the protagonists try to survive in the most adverse circumstances and in which figures such as babies, the beach or the bonds between the mysterious creatures raise for now more doubts than certainties

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