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New Battlefield will be revealed at the end of May

DICE revealed the date with easter egg from Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts and DICE already prepare the ground for the next Battlefield, that's why the studio added an easter egg in Battlefield 1 to indicate that on May 23 will reveal the new game of the franchise.

The BFEE community, which specializes in discovering all easter eggs from Battlefield, found the most recent in Battlefield 1. On the Fort Vaux map, there is a door that, until a few days ago, was impossible to open. The players set to work and after a certain time, they could access the mysterious door, only to find another mystery.

In the following days, the community of Battlefield realized that, after certain actions, a pipe was activated that dropped drops in morse code. The message: "Never be the same". The fans went to the Internet to investigate what it meant and discovered that it was the web address What happens when accessing that link? We found a message dated May 23 and the Battlefield hashtag. Obviously, that will be the day they will reveal the next title of the franchise.

In addition, in the room of Fort Vaux of Battlefield 1 appears the painting of a horse. This image is also found in the code on the EA page, which unites the situation completely. In short, there is very little left for the revelation of the next Battlefield.

According to reports from specialized sites, the next game in the franchise will be called Battlefield V and will be located in World War II. In addition to having a single-player campaign with multiple stories like Battlefield 1, it seems that it will also feature a Battle Royale mode. Little is missing to know all the details.

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