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Sega would be preparing the announcement of a new Sonic game

The official account of the game on Twitter gives clues about it.

The always humorous official account of Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter has posted on its profile a new meme on the typical emails that you will have received in the last days since the GDPR data regulation law came into effect. This would not be anything strange, if not for the joke hides in small print a much more valuable information that could be anticipated, this time in earnest, the arrival of a new Sonic video game.

"As part of our continued effort in preparing our new game announcement, as well as launching the third episode of Sonic Mania Adventures this month ..." the supposedly boring mail the blue hedgehog receives vanishes before the sentence is finished, but it is more than enough to make fans excited for this supposed new announcement.

It is entirely possible, of course, that it is the same joke and that there really is not a Sonic game about to be revealed, but considering that it makes sense to see the new episode of Sonic Mania Adventures soon, we assume that The first part of the statement is valid too. Could you advertise in E3? Will they talk about Sonic's new racing game? We will have to wait to see it.

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