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Milla Jovovich will star in the Monster Hunter movie

he film directed by Paul WS Anderson will begin filming in September

It was in mid-2016 that Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of Monster Hunter, confirmed that they planned a film of the series. Later, we learned that Paul WS Anderson, director of the Resident Evil adaptations, would be in charge of the project.

After spending months without information about this production, we finally have the first details about its distribution. Thanks to a Variety report, we know that the actress Milla Jovovich will be the protagonist of the film. Surely you remember the model also for her role in the various films of Resident Evil.

The Monster Hunter film is in charge of Constantin Film, which will begin filming starting in September of this year. The film will be produced by Jeremy Bolt, who has worked on various adaptations of video games to the big screen.

Constantin Film will collaborate with 2 Asian companies to develop this project. It is estimated that one of them is Capcom, which will surely supervise part of the tape. Anderson will also be in charge of the script.

The adaptation will have a budget of approximately $ 60 MDD and its filming will take place in areas of South Africa, Cape Town, and some nearby cities. Mr. X from Technicolor will take over the special effects section. The studio also worked with Capcom in the Resident Evil films.

Still no details of the narrative of this adaptation of Monster Hunter; however, Anderson said that it will be completely based on the video game franchise. At the moment, the production team did not disclose other details, so we must wait to learn more about its history and distribution.

In related news, Monster Hunter World is about to surpass the 8 million copies sold. Given the success of the game, it is not uncommon to know that Capcom plans to further expand the world of franchising.

On the other hand, the company will launch Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch in August. 


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