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Lunastra is the new dragon of Monster Hunter World

The creature will arrive today with a free update

Your adventure in Monster Hunter World is still far from over because Capcom will release a new and dangerous creature for the game today. If the previous monsters did not mean a challenge for you, it is better that you prepare to face Lunastra.

Your new rival will be waiting for you from today on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new free update for Monster Hunter World will be available starting at 7 PM in Mexico City, 9 PM from Santiago de Chile. The update will occupy about 550 MB in the Sony console, while 570 MB in the Microsoft console.

Lunastra will not be an easy enemy to beat, especially since he will be able to fight along with his partner Teostra and carry out really devastating attacks. When finishing with Lunastra, you will be able to obtain some materials to create the armor sets Lunastra α and Lunastra β. Next, I leave a trailer for you to meet the dragon:

The update will also include the Temporal Mantle, an object that will allow you to cancel the damage of the most powerful attacks by automatically dodging. On the other hand, you can change the color of your armor and equip with overlapping armor in all Astera chests, with the expedition from those located in the training zone.

Also, Capcom eliminated a large number of errors reported by the players. In this link, you can find the notes with all the changes that will arrive at the game today at night.

The company recently gave a new package of objects to all players, this prior to the return of Kulve Taroth. Monster Hunter World is available for the moment on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will reach PC sometime in the fall. 

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