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This app turns your mobile into a lie detector

The application takes advantage of digital interactions to reveal when the person lies.

A new machine learning algorithm, developed by computer scientists at the University of Copenhagen,  can identify if a person lies thanks to the way they interact with the smartphone

This is Veritaps, an app that lights green when people enter true affirmations into the cell phone and turns on a red question mark when the person enters phrases that seem doubtful. In addition, according to Cnet, it offers the option of sending more questions to the sender. 

To put Veritaps into operation, the researchers carried out studies in order to verify the way in which lies affect the users of a mobile device. 

They found that there were differences in the behavior of those who lied and those who did not. In the case of users who had to lie, the response time was longer, a situation that was repeated in each of the experimental situations.

Researchers say that the interactions that involve many movements are because they are dishonest, but when they are less involved, they are honest. 

According to the creators of the application, its objective is to avoid fraud at different levels. It could have implications on issues such as tax refunds, insurance claims, and online purchases. The experimental app is on Android phones, however, for now, it is not available to the public.

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