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It's official: Ikaruga is on his way to Nintendo Switch

Nicalis is the company responsible for the arrival of the shoot 'em up

A few weeks ago, Treasure published an image in social networks that raised the hype of the owners of Switch, as it implied that Ikaruga could reach the hybrid console. A few moments ago, the fans of the shoot 'em up jumped for joy as the popular and challenging game will arrive at Switch and the best thing is that it will be in a few days.

Through a publication on his official Twitter account, Nicalis announced that Ikaruga is on the way to Switch and fans of the genre should be prepared to return to the title starting on May 29, when it will be available in the eShop of the console in exchange for $ 14.99 USD. As you know or if you are not already learning, Ikaruga is one of the most recognized shoots 'em up in the history of the genre and is considered one of the most challenging. This vertical shooter debuted in the arcade in 2001 and has had versions for Dreamcast, GameCube, Xbox 360 and Steam.

According to Nicalis, Ikaruga for Switch will offer support for one or two players locally and there will be online lists with the best user records from around the world. In terms of gameplay, the port will allow players to select between a horizontal or vertical view according to their preference. At the same time, they can select the traditional game style in Arcade mode or another with modifications called Prototype, which will influence the amount of ammunition available after absorbing that of the defeated enemies. Also, this port will have 3 levels of difficulty and a chapter selector.

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