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How to activate the new authentication in two steps of Facebook

The social network changed the way to do this process to make it faster and easier. 

In the interests of continuing to provide users with measures that guarantee greater security for users, Facebook announced that the process to perform two-step authentication will now be easier. 

After the scandal of data leakage to Cambridge Analytica, the social network has been implementing new measures that allow users to have greater control of their information.

Although two-factor authentication was already enabled within the social network, Facebook has made access more accessible "with an optimized configuration flow that will guide the user through the process," the company said in a statement. 

According to the social network, people can also activate the tool without registering a phone number. With the redesign of the function, authentication can be performed with third-party applications such as Google Authenticator and Duo Security on desktop computers and mobile devices

These are the steps you must follow:

1- Go to settings in the main menu located on the upper right side.

2- In the menu on the left side choose 'Security and login'

3- Then choose the option 'Authentication in two steps'.

4- By clicking, you can choose if you want the option of text message to your cell phone or authentication with another application.

5- Once the option is activated, you will receive a six-digit code to your cell phone that you must enter in the social network.

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