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Filtered date of the anniversary event of Overwatch

The skins of all previous activities will return

Are you ready for a new Overwatch event? According to a leak, it seems that Blizzard Entertainment is already preparing the next activity of the shooter, and we should not be surprised, because the game will turn 2 this month.

Overwatch Anniversary will begin on May 22, according to information leaked by the official Twitter of Overwatch in Brazil. The tweet has been removed, but everything remains on the Internet, so the fans gathered the information quickly.

As far as we could see, Junkrat will have a new pirate skin and it seems that the designs, emotes, sprays and all the elements of other events will be available during the anniversary of Overwatch. At the moment, the details are not accurate, so we'll have to wait for official information from Blizzard.

This is not a surprise for Overwatch fans. The anniversary event was something that everyone was coming, so it was only necessary to know the start date. The game debuted on May 24, 2016, and, to celebrate its first year, Blizzard launched Overwatch Anniversary on May 23, 2017. So, it is logical to think that the event will begin in less than 2 weeks.

Commonly, Blizzard announces the Overwatch events a week before they start, so next Monday or Tuesday we can know the first details related to this activity.

During the anniversary of Overwatch last year, the studio launched more than 100 new items in the loot boxes, where skins and dances were the elements that stole the attention of the fans. The game also received 3 and maps and new game modes so Blizzard could add more scenarios to the shooter this year. As if that were not enough, the title had a 50% discount and a free trial weekend.

In related information, we tell you that Overwatch is carrying out a charity campaign in favor of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Blizzard put on sale an exclusive skin for Mercy for $ 14.99 USD and all the money raised will be donated to this foundation that fights against breast cancer.

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