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Epic fulfills wish of fans with a new dance for Fortnite

The company integrated the Orange Justice celebration in Season 4

Epic Games has demonstrated that it listens to the community of Fortnite: Battle Royale, with which it is in constant communication to offer a satisfactory gaming experience. However, the company has taken a step forward in this relationship as it fulfilled the wish of thousands of fans who asked for the integration of a particular dance for the new season.

Last month, Epic Games held the BoogieDown contest, where anyone who wanted it could record a small dance session inspired by Fortnite that would be voted on by the community to determine the top 100. The winners would receive special prizes for their gaming experience and the first place would have the honor of having their dance integrated into the Battle Royale. On that occasion, the winner was Populous.

However, within the participant there was a peculiar case, as a young man in orange shirt won the community with his brief dance and although he did not reach the first place, he was recognized by Fortnite fans, to the degree that famous YouTubers virtualized his video and even a request was initiated for that dance to be integrated into the Battle Royale.
To everyone's surprise, today, during the start of Fortnite Season 4: Battle Royale, players noticed that there was a new dance, which is called Orange Justice and yes, it is the celebration of the young man in the orange shirt that from this moment has been immortalized in the game. The young man, celebrated the decision of Epic Games and even changed his Twitter account to Orange Shirt Kid and invited the players to add him to his list of friends and participate in some games. Some players joined in their celebration and acknowledged that, in the end, Epic had done justice, orange justice.
The Season 4 Fortnite: Battle Royale has already started and if you want to be aware of all content that has reached the title.


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