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EA confirms the existence of a premium currency in Battlefield V

It will be destined to trade with strictly cosmetic items.

Electronic Arts have offered new details on the monetization of Battlefield V, which seems to be much friendlier to the user than we could originally see in Star Wars: Battlefront II. We already know that Battlefield V will not have a season pass or random loot boxes, but it will have a premium currency type that will allow us to unlock certain elements of personalization with a purely aesthetic value, as announced in the event of presentation of the video game.

Evidently, the premium currency of Battlefield V can be purchased in exchange for real money, but we will also have another type of credit that can only be obtained by playing and that will be used to buy new improvements and devices for our soldier. In this sense, EA ensures that our virtual avatar will enjoy great customization possibilities, and those who get the Deluxe Edition of the game will be able to get packages of cosmetic elements in weekly doses.

Battlefield V arrives on October 19 to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. There is still enough for its release, so DICE and EA still have time to clarify exactly how they can acquire personalization items and the rest of the doubts circulate among the fans.

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