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Days Gone, extreme survival with weapons, infected and a motorcycle

We play one hour at Days Gone, the ambitious title of Sony Bend that takes us to Central Oregon, two years after the Apocalypse that turned almost all humanity into the zombie ... well, freaks. We tell you all its details and our impressions after playing it.

After almost two years from the first time we saw Days Gone, I've finally been able to try for the first time the ambitious Sony Bend game for PS4. His zombie odyssey (or more freakers, rather), begins to materialize and the result is an open world game that contains some familiar concepts, but also others have less seen on the screen. It only took an hour with the game to realize that the absolute protagonist of Days Gone is not so much its protagonist, Deacon St. John, as the stage. A region of the state of Oregon that has a life of its own, and is contaminated by hordes of monsters, some more human than others.

I want to focus on this environment set in Central Oregon because it helps explain a lot of what we see on the screen. As announced by Jeff Ross, director of the game, is not very commonplace in the world of video games, and yet has many attractive features for one. The climate is particularly extreme in this area, with strong changes that lead to snowfall or rain, perfect to give personality to its post-apocalyptic setting.

In fact, there are many protagonists in Days Gone. Our motorcycle is also one of them. The deacon can improve it as the game progresses. The materials and resources will help us as well as when it comes to manufacturing all kinds of traps, medicines and new designs for weapons. In addition, it will be necessary to add gasoline to the motorcycle as well as to fix its defects, because walking too much in Days Gone can suppose a premature death. There is no difficulty selector in Days Gone. At Sony Bend they wanted the difficulty to be measured by them to ensure that we overcome all the challenges that the game proposes and achieve a greater sense of survival.

And of course, to survive we will have to fight. We have seen fights against humans, freaks and also strange factions that adore freakers and that sometimes can be more monstrous than these. The dynamics between all groups can occur at any time. Making a lot of noise near an enemy camp can attract freaks or even a horde so it can be a way to raze camps if you are then able to deal with the surviving creatures.

Freakers are organized in hierarchies as well. Those who were converted as adults are organized into hordes or scattered, while young people and children who were converted tend to be elusive and take refuge on the rooftops, which tends to show a certain sympathy for them. The problem comes when you have to go through the rooftops, at which point you will attack without reservations. In addition, the freaks respond to the own climatology, reason why the snow, for example, can affect its behavior.

Both in my game and in the previous demonstrations of the game, we have been able to see missions based on the history of Days Gone as well as some secondary ones that urge us to clean human camps or nests of freaks. The rewards for clearing these areas will help us get skills as useful as a bullet time, perfect for better aiming or improvements for health, energy or concentration. There is no doubt that the game has a well-constructed open world because everything that happens in it is developed dynamically, creating interactions between Deacon, the hordes, humans and the stage, full of buildings and structures which are completely open so we can enter.

While the fights against the freakers are something more fun, the truth is that all this section is the one that has generated most doubts for the moment. Some missions like those that require us to eliminate enemies from a camp are already quite cliché and the gunplay does not end up being as effective and tense as we could demand. Days Gone relies on stealth for another type of approach, which we hope will be more useful in the long term to resolve some situations.

With the nests, the stealthy approach is more difficult, so when we have to destroy them it is better to prepare some traps. It is noted that the game rewards with a better response and feeling to who faces the game by the most complex, worked and effective way. The direct confrontation ends up being rather less spectacular in all cases.

The first approach to Days Gone has definitely left me wanting more. On the one hand, I want to know more about Deacon, which clearly has to do with his past, although I still do not know exactly how much weight his story will have. On the playable side, you can see that Sony Bend did not want to build an open world with a differentiating element, and that is the constant siege of a type of zombie that harasses the player without rest, especially during the night, when they are more powerful and numerous. It is noted that the game is still in a pre-beta state, but with a release early next year, the studio can strengthen, especially in combat, a solid and attractive proposal.

What you should know
  • An open world full of freaks and also human enemies.
  • Freakers are established in hierarchies and have different behaviors.
  • The bike is the absolute protagonist. We will have to take care of it and improve it.
  • The region of Central Oregon gives rise to a varied and extreme climate.
  • The combat is developed with firearms and many of short range that we can create.
  • The secondary missions urge us to get resources, clean camps, and freaks.
  • Days Gone will be released exclusively for PS4 in early 2019.

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