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Comptroller found obsolete equipment in Vive Digital points

The entity visited 52 centers and also discovered low navigation capacity. 

The messes continue at the Vive Digital points, the centers offered by the ICT ministry so that citizens living in the most remote areas of the country can train and connect to the internet for free.   

Now, Edgardo Maya Villazón, comptroller general, requested the liquidation of Fonade, the entity that would be in charge of managing the 908 Vive Digital points available in Colombia until July 31, 2018, for a value of 247,304,523,071 pesos. 

Villazón warns of lack of control and delay in the amortization of the advances disbursed by Fonade to the contractors in the execution of the agreement subscribed with the ICT Fund and transferred this finding to the Attorney General's Office. 

In the derivative contracting concluded by Fonade to comply with the agreement, advances were agreed in favor of the integrators of the five regions, corresponding to 30 percent of the total value of the contracts, which, at the date of the audit exercise, amounted to 44,870 millions of pesos

"The management plans and investment of the advances were initially subscribed for a period of four months, however, between June and July 2017, this period was increased by seven months without any kind of justification," says the Comptroller

In addition, the entity found that as of December 31, 2017, only the sum of 8,886 million pesos had been amortized, which is equivalent to 19 percent of the total resources disbursed for this concept to the contractors. 

Even the Comptroller General's office evidenced a considerable delay in the time established for the amortization of the advances and a significant lag in the execution of the project.

Problems in the Vive Digital points

Of the 908 Vive Digital points available in 520 municipalities in the country, the Comptroller visited 52 centers and discovered that there are points that are disabled or out of operation; obsolete equipment with low navigation capacity; and inconsistencies in the inventories of the equipment delivered. 

In fact, the entity ensures that preventive maintenance is not carried out according to the reported technical failures

"These irregularities derive from the lack of supervision of the contracts concluded for the execution of the project and highlight the recurrent weaknesses in the management of projects developed by Fonade, previously exposed by the Comptroller in different control, "said the bank.  

In a statement, Villazón said:" These and other irregularities detected by the CGR in recent fiscal actions, demonstrate the lack of efficiency and effectiveness of FONADE and urge the decision of its liquidation ". 
These and other irregularities detected by the CGR in recent tax actions, evidence the lack of efficiency and effectiveness of FONADE and urgently take the decision of its liquidation
Currently, the Comptroller is advancing an action aimed at establishing the presence of possible overruns in the execution of the agreement that, to take over the management of the project, signed Fonade with the ICT Fund.

The elements are also evaluated to determine in a certain way an eventual damage to the State's assets, as a consequence of the technical inconsistencies determined in the execution of the project. 

It must be remembered that  on the morning of Wednesday, May 16, there was a 642 Vive Digital blackout, due to the fact that, according to the FONADE, the ICT ministry has not delivered sufficient resources for its operation.

Meanwhile, the ICT portfolio has insisted that Fonade has not managed the funds correctly and has found irregularities, for example, in the contraction of the integrators to carry out the training in the points. 

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