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Cliff Bleszinski showed some discarded projects from Boss Key Productions

The creator unveiled a multiplayer action game and 2 VR experiences

Yesterday the industry woke up with bad news, because Boss Key Productions, a studio founded by Cliff Bleszinski, closed its doors after trying to break through with Lawbreakers and the Battle Royale Radical Heights. The end of the study opened the possibility of knowing something about the projects that were once contemplated and this was what Bleszinski showed the public.

A few hours ago, Cliff Bleszinski revealed in his official Twitter account information related to some projects that were contemplated by Boss Key at the time but later were discarded. Initially, the creator showed the project code-named DragonFlies, which was conceived as a multiplayer PvE experience in which you took control of a ninja or a samurai to fight hordes of zombies in a cooperative manner. The game would allow you to use some ships and dragons to move around the world and these could be improved with items and weapons. In addition, one of the ideas of this title was based on the collection of dragon eggs, from which a baby would be born that you would have to take care of and develop.

On the other hand, the founder of Boss Key revealed a combat game for VR that began with the code name "Rover" and was later named DOGWalkers, where the initials DOG were by Destructive Ordnance (on the) Ground. This title was inspired by the design of tanks of the Second World War but giving them a futuristic touch, which would be used in a multiplayer environment with 5v5 clashes.
Finally, the creative showed the project Donuts, game VR that was thought as a spiritual sequel to the title of Arcade and Atari Toobin, which debuted in the eighties. The basic idea, which was taken from the original title, was to offer an aquatic racing experience aboard lifeguards where you would control some animals. In addition to entertainment via virtual reality, Donuts was also contemplated to fulfill another goal: to help combat the seasonal affective disorder.

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