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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the war evolves with the most multitudinous COD

We have gone to Los Angeles to attend the great event of presentation of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Everything that was rumored was true: it will have a battle royale mode and discard the solo experience (with some concessions), but The franchise will bring many other new features that will appeal to veterans as well as newcomers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is going to be the biggest thing that Activision has done with the franchise in all its history. Yes, behind is the classic concept of "short solo campaign + multiplayer for months". On this occasion we will lose the classic campaign in pursuit of a game focused on a long-lived multiplayer experience that will feed on the months and whose three pillars will be the fight to the death; Blackout, the battle royale survival mode; and the classic Zombies mode. If you came to this saga for the story, do not stop reading yet, because of what we have seen, the new CoD will not completely discard the narrative section. Also, according to Activision, this change will only have a place in this year's game, for now. The next games will return to give us the patterned and cinematographic experience to which we are accustomed. But let's go to the mess, there is a lot to shed.

Treyarch has been doing this for 10 years. The company is one of the most characteristic studies by CoD for its particular vision of the warlike universe that Activision created back in 2003. They recognize that with this franchise they do not cut themselves when it comes to devising new ways to twist the formula, and that shows in the tone of his contributions and his vision of the game modes. In the presentation, they have made it clear that they are not afraid of challenges, and just one of the biggest is now that survival mode of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Join the trend marked by titans of the genre such as PUBG or Fortniteit is a leap for which one must be very sure of what is done. But it seems that Treyarch knows what is done because it will add what has been learned in all these years to build a coherent and very complete game mode.

The most customizable and multitudinous Call of Duty

In Blackout all the action will take place on the largest map the franchise has seen to date. In the words of the design director of the game, David Vonderhaar, it will be 1500 times bigger than the Nuketown map, and in it, we will find places and sections that we will recognize from the long tradition of Call of Duty. For the study, the only way to venture to create such a way was to make it unique and following the rules of its own universe. Apparently, the battle royale of Treyarch will feature customizable characters from among those who participated in the second and third installments of their part of the franchise. That is why it is expected that we handle weapons and futuristic systems. Besides, we will see characters taken from the history of Zombies mode, as well as outstanding figures such as Jason Hudson, Alex Mason, Viktor Reznov or Raúl Menéndez. Finally, the mode will offer vehicles by land, sea, and air.

Despite the new aspirations of Treyarch, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is going to put its feet back on the ground. Regarding the competitive mode (and the narrative half), everything will happen, as we already anticipated, between the events of Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3, between 2025 and 2065. There will be technology, but we will not fight against robots. In addition, we will not run through the walls or doing double jumps. Treyarch wants to recover the most classic action on earth. We will also see the specialists again, characters distinguished by their abilities of different classes; some old acquaintances, others, like Crash or Torque, new inclusions that contribute new tactical horizons with the possibility of curing the allies or interrupting the "combat flow" with blade wires, respectively. Among the returning specialists, we find Seraph, Ruin, and Firebreak. These fighters will count, however, with new skills. We can also make use of other skills characteristic of Treyarch games such as swimming or using flamethrowers.

The new multiplayer of COD: Black Ops IV seems to refine everything offered in the previous installment, but according to the people of the studio, it is even more ambitious. The idea of reducing the aerial and acrobatic mobility of the player implies having to make adjustments in the shooting systems, and for this reason, the interaction with the weapons has been readjusted. They call it " guns up ", but it's a simple idea that we can always shoot, we're running, throwing grenades, activating gusts or jumping over obstacles. On the other hand, Treyarch has rethought the minimap with the inclusion of the fog of war. It is a feature that will make enemies hidden unless they uncover their position with respect to us, either by firing or by showing. In this way, only if we announce the position of an enemy can the rest of the team know. Recon, one of the specialists, will have a dart capable of "dissipating" this fog of war.

To familiarize ourselves with the specialists, or if we want to play alone or delve into their stories, we can carry out tests with each one. So we can also test the new approach to weapons, which brings to the party new animations and accessory systems, such as mods. One of them, to give an example, the Operator Mod, adds containment fire to the weapons, with which we can cause the vision of the enemy to be distorted. Apart, in this delivery, the weapons will have predictive backward patterns so we can control our firing interaction much more accurately.

To this, we must add the healing system. We say goodbye to the mechanics of automatic regeneration of health and we welcome the active healing, that is, every time we walk badly in health we will have to manually activate an injection that recovers our life. This opens up new tactical possibilities. We may prefer a more aggressive approach and forget to heal or wait, heal and attack.

After having tasted the current multiplayer experience in our own flesh, we can highlight a couple of notions. The first thing is that, indeed, although it costs a bit to get used to the new trend of voluntary healing, it allows us to explore a very interesting new strategic layer. On the other hand, the change in animations is also noticeable. The movements have another cadence, so to speak, and the bullets, with their new backward pattern, give us another response to the shot. You have to get used to it, but the general feeling is that everything is a little more fluid. On the other hand, new specialists can change the game completely with their special abilities, that Crash can heal comrades in a row or that Recon allows to see the location of all enemies while keeping his ability active is tremendous.

Triple zombie experience

Last, but not least, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will feature the legendary Zombies mode, the traditional four-player cooperative mode in which we can face hordes of zombies in mystery worlds, dark arts, and science. fiction. The new model will be developed along several maps. The game will come with three of them: the first, IX, will take place in a coliseum in which we will face the zombies as gladiators; the second, Voyage of Despair, will set us to sail the season a transatlantic while we finish with the undead threat; the last one, Blood of the Dead, will take us to a prison inspired by the classic Mob of the Dead. Oh, if we do not want to or cannot play in the company, the game will make available to us characters controlled by the AI.

The story is this new and independent with respect to previous deliveries and allows us to be part of an old order with occult tendencies that have no problem transforming the world to fulfill their plans. Scarlet, Bruno, Diego and Shaw, the four protagonists, will take us to different eras to protect a thousand-year-old artifact of a certain organization and its hordes of zombies. In addition to the three maps, Treyarch will include a novelty called Callings. It is a series of temporary challenges that will arrive as updates loaded with seasonal content and other surprises. On the other hand, we will also have a system of mutations that will include about 100 options with which to vary our experience and share it with other players using codes to replicate the same mutations. Then there is the Zombie Rush mode, which is an ideal mode for novices who want to start in this tradition.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, of course, to PC on October 12. In this last platform is working a complete team formed by the people of Beenox so we can expect a version at the height that offers many options to customize and adapt the gaming experience. Moreover, and this is big, Black Ops 4 will be the first game of the saga exclusively for platform of Blizzard. And this is all for now! The new Call of Duty has taken a slight detour, but that's nothing new for Treyarch. We hope that our impressions have given you a better idea that you can wait for him, and we imagine that you will have a tremendous curiosity about the new zombies and, above all, that Blackout mode. What is your opinion? We read in the comments!

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