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Brewers players play Fortnite on screen of their stadium

The successful Epic title is also the favorite of the Milwaukee team

At this point, there is no denying that Fortnite and its Battle Royale component are a worldwide phenomenon and more and more players are joining the pitched battle in search of that glorious victory. Even music and sports personalities have expressed their taste for the game of Epic Games and this time an MLB team took the pitched battle to a new level.

Yesterday, the official account of the Major League Baseball shared a publication in which it shows some players of the Milwaukee Brewers playing Fortnite , but an act that is currently common, finds its peculiarity when revealing that the baseball players decided to use the huge screen from his stadium, Miller Park, to enjoy a few pitched battles. The response of the fans was immediate and many took it well, even some took the fact to the field of hardware analysis and considered that input lag, which surely experienced the players of the Brewers, was terrible.
Thus, Fortnite has registered a new episode in professional sport, joining Josh Hart, player of the NBA Lakers, who boasted some tennis with the special design inspired by the title of Epic.


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