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Battlefield V will bring the intensity of Operations mode to a new level

Every day of combat in Grand Operations will have consequences

If there is a way that the Battlefield 1 players enjoyed to the fullest, this was Operations, whose team battles in real historical clash contexts stood out for their intensity. Now that Battlefield V is a reality , you will be pleased to know that the mode will also be present in the new title and this time everything will be taken to the next level.

According to a VentureBeat report , Battlefield V will feature a new Operations mode called Grand Operations, which is designed to represent the intensity and desperation of the battle front. For this new variant of Operations mode, DICE thought about offering limited time events that will offer unique rewards, all integrated in a very interesting multiplayer environment in which each day will be considered a round. Yes, as you can read, each day of confrontation will be recorded in the history and what happens will have consequences in the following clashes. To give you an idea, if your team loses day 1, it will start day 2 with some disadvantages and shortage of weapons, ammunition and healing items.

The idea of the Grand Operations events, as referred to by DICE, is to take the intensity and strategy to a new level, since starting at a disadvantage does not imply that it is impossible to win. On the contrary, the system will be balanced so that a good strategy with limited resources can lead your team to victory, matching things up.

Among the features of Grand Operations in Battlefield V is the need to search kits to recover health, because it will not regenerate automatically. Also, in case the ammunition starts to be a scarce resource, it will be possible to focus on other types of attacks while waiting for supplies.

Finally, in case the teams are tied for the third day of combat, the new Operations mode will offer a fourth day of sudden death, where health, ammunition and items will be limited and players will be able to die easier, it can even happen that final all is resolved with a confrontation between 2 surviving players, 1 of each team, taking the tension to the maximum.

Battlefield V will arrive on October 19 to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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