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Apple blocks Steam plan to extend video games to iPhones

The video game platform for PC expects the apple company to reconsider the decision.

Apple has blocked the plans of Steam, the largest distributor of PC-based video games, to extend its reach to iPhones. Steam planned to launch a free application for mobile phones, called Steam Link so that players could continue playing on their devices while they were not on their desktops. Bellevue, Steam's parent company, confirmed in a statement that Apple rejected the application. 

According to the game distributor, the rejection by Apple could be a sign that the apple company is very serious about protecting its ability to stop the digital purchases made within the games on their mobile devices. 

Steam did not give a precise reason for the rejections of the App Store, saying only that Apple cited "commercial conflicts with the guidelines of the application." The conflict probably focuses on what is known as integrated purchases or microtransactions, in which players can spend small sums of money within the games to buy tokens, extra lives or other digital goods.

According to Doug Lombardi, vice president of the Steam developer, Valve Corporation, "the team spent many hours on this project and its approval process, so we are clearly disappointed." To which he added: "We hope that Apple will reconsider it in the future." 

Apple makes a cut of 30 percent of such purchases in applications distributed through its App Store. Analysts believe that those purchases are among the main drivers of revenue in Apple's services business, which includes App Store, iCloud and Apple Music.

Steam, however, also offers purchases within the games distributed through its platform and also reduces those purchases. The Apple App Store guidelines prohibit a store within a store unless purchases flow into Apple's infrastructure and pay for the Apple clipping. 

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