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Samsung condemned to pay Apple US $ 533 million for violating patents

The apple company says the South Korean copied features of the iPhone's design.

A US federal court on Thursday ordered Samsung to pay Apple 533 million dollars for copying features of the iPhone's design, in a patent lawsuit that took seven years. The court jury added an additional $ 5 million for a couple of patented functions.

The compensation seems little for what Apple expected in the Court that essentially Samsung copied the iPhone. The case returned to that court after a decision of the Supreme Court to review a previous compensation of 400 million dollars. 

The jury in the facts opted for the middle way as Apple asked for a billion dollars and Samsung offered 29 million dollars. 

To reach the final figure, the jury probably had to accept the reasoning of Apple according to which the design is so integrated into the iPhone that, essentially, is the "article of manufacture". 

The smaller amount of money that Samsung wanted to pay, would have meant considering the characteristics of the design as components of the device.

Three Apple patents were concerned in the lawsuit, but especially the rectangular shape with rounded edges of the phone and the colored icons on a black screen. 

Since the case began, the question of the value of patents linked to design generated a pro-Samsung side made up of giants such as Google, Facebook , Dell and Hewlett-Packard. 

Apple had in its ranks the world of designers, some of whom taught precedents such as the shape of the Coca-Cola bottle. For the technology sector, this decision in favor of Apple could lead to other disputes. 

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