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REPORT: John "Totalbiscuit" Bain has passed away

The critic and commentator started on the World of Warcraft scene

The video game industry has given us many happy moments, but like all history, it is also marked by sad moments and this is one of those news that we do not want to give. Unfortunately, a few moments ago the death of YouTube personality John "Totalbiscuit" Bain, 33, after a tough battle with cancer was announced.

By means of a publication in the official Twitter account of TotalBiscuit, the death of the YouTube star was announced after fighting cancer that presented complications in 2015 and whose progress could not be stopped, and that left him with a life expectancy from 2 to 3 years. Bain, born in Spennymoor, England, gained notoriety in the World of Warcraft scene as host of a radio program made by fans and fans of the game, a fact that was recognized by Blizzard. Subsequently, Blizzard invited him to cover his BlizzCon events and that path led him to start a period as a commentator in the scene of titles such as StarCraft II.

After winning a legion of fans who felt crushed by his charisma and knowledge about video games, John Bain, also known as "The Cynical Brit", undertook a project as a content creator on YouTube, where he won the recognition of millions of fans by his critical and analytical style.

Sadly, John Bain's success story was suddenly stopped when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2014; a year later, the advance of the disease was considered by doctors as a terminal sign and the YouTube star had to change his way of working until, at the beginning of this month, he decided to end his career as a critic because it was not possible for him to carry out this work .

Rest in peace.

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