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Asus launches its PG27UQ, a monitor with everything, but for few

 It will arrive at the end of June with 4K, HDR, 144 Hz and G-Sync.

As if they were twin brothers separated at birth, the new monitors from Asus and Acer seem to have synchronized their release dates. Both are 4K HDR monitors at 144 Hz with G-Sync technology, and both go on sale right now. Acer already accepts reservations for its Predator X27, while Asus announced yesterday that its own PG27UQ will hit the market at the end of June. The latter company claims that its monitor is the first to have Display HDR 1000 certification, but the curious thing is that the Acer model also has 1,000 nits of brightness.

In this news, we talk about the monitor of Asus, but as has happened in the past with other monitors such as the X34 and the PG34Q, at the time of checking the box only possible manufacturing defects and variations in the price will decide why we choose. We know they are expensive, but the good thing is that they reach the market is simply that they reach the market. Let's realize that until now in PC we had to choose between resolution or refresh rate (in addition to other complicated combinations). The percentage of computers capable of moving a 4K monitor to 144 frames per second has to be negligible, yes, and support for HDR on PC is scarce, but at least the possibilities for PC monitors will have overcome a new obstacle. For now, being a first buyer costs 1999.99 dollars, so maybe we'll wait a couple of years ...

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