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REPORT: Apple rejected the Steam Link application on their devices

The company argued commercial conflicts

After the beginning of the month, Valve reported that the Steam Link application would reach Android and iOS devices, allowing the mobile user to access the games in their library from a tablet or smartphone, the players waited for the release of the Beta version to start with the experience. A few days ago, the application in its test phase came to Android and everything indicated that the 21 of this month would do the same for iOS users, however, this did not happen and we know the reason.

A few moments ago, Valve submitted a statement in which he reports that the Steam Link application was rejected by Apple due to revision problems and commercial conflicts. According to the company's information, the current status of the relationship is unclear, since the application was approved and, therefore, it was decided to officially announce the arrival of the application to the company's devices, however, at the last minute, the position of The company from Cupertino, California changed and Steam Link was rejected.

The statement reads as follows: "On Monday, May 7, Apple approved the Steam Link application for release, and on Wednesday, May 9, Valve published the news related to the application, but the following morning Apple revoked its approval, citing commercial conflicts with the application's guidelines that had allegedly not been made by the original review team, Valve appealed, explaining that the Steam Link application simply functions as a LAN-based remote desktop similar to numerous remote desktop applications already available in the App Store This feature was rejected, leaving the Steam Link application blocked for launch, the team invested many hours in this project and in the approval process, so we are clearly disappointed,but we expect Apple to reconsider the decision in the future. "

So, so far the fact is that the Steam Link application will not reach iOS devices in a good time, leaving open the door to Apple's official response and its position on the matter.

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