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Young man dies after a fraudulent console sale

Danny Diaz Delgado was killed by a thief in the United States

Currently, video games enjoy worldwide popularity and this invariably involves business opportunities at different levels. Of course, this also implies that there are people who seek to take advantage of the context to take advantage of illegal ways that, sometimes, can have disastrous consequences. Unfortunately, this was what happened to a young man from the United States who was looking for a PS4 that would give his younger brother as a gift.

According to a report by The Washington Post , Danny Diaz Delgado , a 20-year-old resident of Trenton, New Jersey, left his home on the afternoon of March 23 to finalize an operation of sale that he had agreed to in the Facebook messaging service. , in which he would buy a PS4 that he would give to his younger brother. After he did not arrive home at the time he had promised, the family of Diaz Delgado reported the situation to the police and, unfortunately, the next day they found the body of the young man, who was handcuffed and had 9 bullet wounds. .

According to detective Michael Castaldo, Danny Diaz Delgado arrived at the place where Rufus Thompson, 29, who in networks called himself "Ru Hunter" or "Ru Real Right", was waiting for him. the cost of the console, but as soon as he arrived at the place he was subdued and deprived of his liberty by Thompson, who took him to a stream and took his life.The criminal took the young man's money and his credit card, of which subtracted, later, $ 700 USD at an ATM.

After the tragic event, the police of Mercer County, New Jersey, began the investigation and found the home of Thompson, where they found an empty box of PS4, which was used by the criminal to defraud people in networks social. On March 31, Thompson was arrested and immediately charged with robbery, kidnapping and homicide and tomorrow, April 9, he will have his first court hearing.

Unfortunately, the success of video games has generated a healthy formal market, but also an informal and sometimes illegal, which tries to take advantage in a bad way the passion and joy that this activity generates. It is worth taking into account cases like the one that happened in New Jersey to be alert of the supposed offers on video games that usually appear on Internet sites and social networks, which, in most cases, are only frauds .

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