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You will have to wait several more months to play Wargroove

The strategy title will arrive sometime in the second half of 2018

Can not wait longer to play Wargroove? Then we have bad news for you. Chucklefish, responsible for its development, revealed that it will take several months before it is in our hands.

In an interview with PCGamesN during ID @ Xbox, Jay Baylis, artist, and designer of Chucklefish commented that Wargroove will be available sometime in the second half of 2018. This situation is because they want it to be a "huge package" that offers a lot to the players.

"It has taken some time, we want it to be a huge package. If it stands out as a robust package, then people appreciate it, even if its art is retro and simplistic. I also think that [the fans] appreciate the kind of game we play because they know that a Chucklefish title is something that has content and value. "

Later on, Baylis spoke about the Wargroove level editor and pointed out that they are doing everything possible to make it an accessible experience: "Yes, I hope [it's easy to use]. You only paint on the levels, put the units, play it and you send it to your friends, it can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. "

Finally, the creative confirmed that Wargroove will have a campaign editor that will allow you to create cutscenes with animations and dialogues. That said, it's completely optional, since creating individual levels is also an option.

And you, what do you think about Wargroove? Do you think it has the potential to become one of the best indies of the year? Tell us in the comments.

Wargroove is in development for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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