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You will cook, sow and fly in Little Dragons Café

Aksys Games revealed the first trailer of the title

Aksys Games and GameFly recently unveiled the first trailer of Little Dragons Café, the new title Yasuhiro Wada. The companies have shared details of this project little by little, but thanks to the new advance we already know with certainty how they will look and everything that they will offer us at the level of gameplay.

As you can see below, Little Dragons Café will have different game mechanics. On the one hand, we can prepare a large number of dishes to keep the customers of our coffee satisfied. For this, we must have ingredients that we must collect or sow.

In addition, we will have a little dragon under our care. With it we can explore the world of the game and collect useful objects. It will be important to feed him and give him the necessary attention because in this way he will grow and we will even be able to fly in him. Without more, I leave the trailer:

The title will be played by 2 brothers, who will do everything possible to keep their family business up. However, everything will be complicated when his mother cannot wake up from a deep sleep.

The key to saving it will be to raise a dragon so you can not neglect your partner at any time. Little Dragons Café still has no release date, but Aksys Games said it will be ready for the summer of this year. Apparently, the company also prepares a special edition of the game, but there are still no official details about it.

Little Dragons Café will come to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


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