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We played Spider-Man! The great game of Marvel, Sony and Insomniac

The developers of the latest Spider-Man video game, exclusive to PS4, raised a goal from the start: to be the best game ever of Spider-Man. After playing it exclusively, we invite you to read and see our Spider-Man preview, in which we can confirm that Insomniac has one of the most amazing titles of the year.

Beyond the appeal of the license itself, Spider-Man has proven to be able to join the forces of Marvel, Insomniac and Sony to make, it seems, a video game at the height of the myth created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Among the most remarkable elements of the game is the way to move around the heights of New York, in which the creators of Resistance and Ratchet and Clank have put all their talent and effort to make you feel like Peter Parker himself. Agility, speed and an intuitive control are mixed in what is the best control that has ever been done in a SpiderMan video game.

We are excited, as followers of Spider-Man and his adventures in comics, movies and television, the new universe that Insomniac has invented. They have taken a good handful of interesting decisions at the level of history that will help the game to have its own identity. I highlight the decision to present a more mature Peter Parker and a Mary Jane who stops being an actress to be a photojournalist for the Daily Bugle. They have promised us playable parts of Peter and MJ in Spider-Man, which will help to live the adventure from a more human perspective and away from the superhero. They are not the only characters that change, but it seems that we will have to wait until September to know everything that awaits us at their command.

It has the best control that has ever been done in a SpiderMan video game
Another noteworthy point is in the living ecosystem of New York: our navigation will be dotted with different events in real time in which we will have to put peace with the superhero. Among the events in which we participated were a robbery to a bank and a car chase, fleeing through the streets of Manhattan of a few New York police officers. Its developers promise dynamism and an unprecedented adventure starring Peter and MJ. Everything tested and seen in the offices of Insomniac has been very promising, and we do not see the time to play Spider-Man on PS4 next September.

What you have to know
  • A New York built according to your arachnid powers.
  • A new universe at the height of the best comics, movies and TV series.
  • Probably the best balance ever made in a Spider-Man video game.
  • The commitment of Marvel with its seal of games will benefit the title.
  • The bet of Insomniac for the playable parts with Peter Parker and Mary Jane.
  • Spider-Man will arrive exclusively on PS4 on September 7th.

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