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Warmind will be the new expansion of Destiny 2

Bungie revealed the release date and details about the third season

While the history of Destiny 2 has been broken and has been marked by a negative environment between Bungie and the players, the development team is looking to straighten the way and establish a point and separate in the present and future of the title. That's why today, Bungie revealed the release date of the next expansion of Destiny 2 and the content that will arrive in the third season.

A few moments ago, Bungie made public its plans to launch content for Destiny 2, which will mark the end of the second season, the third in its entirety and the start of the fourth. Christopher Barrett, director of the game, reported that the development team is very motivated by the bets they have for the present and future of Destiny 2 and confirmed that the vision they now have includes the feedback of the players. In this way, the most important announcement was the revelation of Warmind, the next expansion that will take the courier left by Curse of Osiris and that will arrive on May 8. The creator mentioned that the new expansion will take the game to new scenarios, present new heroes, new battles and all the content will be presented in a stream that will be held on April 24 and can be seen on Twitch.

According to Barrett, the third season of Destiny 2, in addition to bringing with him Warmind, will represent the new starting point regarding the content disposition for the Crucible. In that sense, Bungie's intention is to unify the experience and that is why all players will have access to the maps that will arrive with Warmind and those that made their debut in Curse of Osiris. Also, there will be new combat arenas in the Quickplay, Competitive, Trials of the Nine and Iron Banner playlists that will be available to all.

Finally, the creative assured that the results of the feedback that they are carrying out with the fans of Destiny 2 will be seen from the fourth season, which will begin in September, once the special summer events have concluded.

Destiny 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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