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Valve publishes press release on Steam user rights in Australia

The conflict between the company and the Australian authority still stands

The video game industry, in its section of publication and digital distribution, still has to polish some legal details with specific markets in mind, since, sometimes, the policies of the platforms come into conflict with the laws of consumer protection. This has been the case of Steam, the Valve platform in PC, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, who are immersed in a legal conflict that seems to have no end. Now, Valve released a statement for users of the platform in which he explains some legal aspects.

After Valve's legal remedies failed in the legal dispute brought by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, a judge determined that the company must pay a fine of $ 3,000,000 AUD, approximately $ 2.2 million. As we inform you, the Australian authority considers that Valve cheated the users of Steam and deprived them of the right to receive a refund for the period from 2011 to 2014, a claim that was answered by the company arguing that its market is totally digital and It has no obligation to be regulated according to the laws of that country.

Given that the outlook has not been positive for Valve, the company decided to publish a statement on Steam for Australian users that says: "When you buy Valve Corporation games as a consumer in Australia, these games have guarantees that operate under the Law. of the Consumer in Australia and that can not be circumvented, in addition, it includes the guarantee that the games meet a quality standard.The consumer is entitled to a replacement or refund by the video game distributor for a major failure and a compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage You also have the right to have the repairer or replacement replaced by the video game dealer if they are not of acceptable quality and the failure is not due to a major error. "

After the announcement, Valve included a series of characteristics that the products must meet according to the quality standard of Australia and that, according to the company, are present in the games distributed through Steam:
  • Be safe, durable and free of defects
  • That is acceptable in appearance and are finished
  • They must fulfill all the purposes for which a video game is developed
  • The foregoing must take into account the nature and price of video games and any statement about packaging or labeling
Although this communication is only in text for the moment, since Valve will have to adapt some Steam policies for the Australian consumer, it represents an important advance in the regulation of the consumption of digital content in the field of video games.

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