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Valve introduces new privacy options to Steam

Steam Spy will stop operating in the face of changes

Valve continues to implement adjustments to Steam, its digital gaming platform. On this occasion, the company updated the privacy policies, which implies a better control of the information. According to the details, players can now choose who can see their library of titles, their wish list, their achievements and the total time played.

Some of these adjustments are not so good news for some third-party sites, which work thanks to the data obtained in the platform. One of them is Steam Spy, which will stop operating in the face of new security options.

Steam Spy based its service on the collection of data from users of the platform, which allowed us to sometimes know the sales performance, the number of players and other interesting game statistics.

From his Twitter account, Steam Spy reported the end of its operations. In addition, he made it clear that this is not due to the new privacy options, but because Valve made all the game libraries appear hidden by default.

On the other hand, Valve reported that he also works in a new configuration so you can see your friends list and even send and receive messages despite appearing offline. The company promised that there will soon be some tests with that function.

All these functions, plus some that are on the way, is the reality thanks to the comments and needs of the community, according to Valve's words.

The company recently removed the Steam Machine section from its platform and also made some adjustments to the wish list. As if that were not enough, it also deals with the general redesign of Steam and a new interface for Big Picture mode.


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