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Valve explains why he retired Steam Machine section

The company was ambiguous about the future of the system

Valve recently removed the Steam Machine section of its platform. This was considered as another step in the imminent disappearance of the devices that were not successful, despite the fact that they promised great things.

Before the noise that caused this change in Steam, the company decided to talk about the issue and explain what really happened. From the forums of the platform, Pierre-Loup Griffais, Valve programmer, said that this decision was taken due to traffic issues.

According to him, the Steam Machine section was not very visited by users. So, it did not make much sense to keep her active. Despite this change, Griffais said the company still strives to make operating systems such as Steam OS and Linux good gaming environments.

"While it's true that Steam Machines are not exactly flying off the shelves, our reasons for fighting for an open and competitive gaming platform have not changed significantly." We're still working hard to make Linux operating systems an excellent place to go. games and applications "wrote the programmer.

Griffais did not make clear what the future of the Steam Machines will be; However, everything indicates that they will not disappear, although Valve does not contemplate giving them a new impulse, at least in the short term.

"Through the Steam Machine initiative, we have learned a lot about the state of the Linux ecosystem for game developers (...) We believe that an important part of that effort is our ongoing investment in making Vulkan a competitive and well-supported programming interface, to the time we make sure that it has first-class support on Linux platforms, "added the programmer.

Finally, Griffais said that they have new door projects based on Linux. Unfortunately, the creative added that it is too early to talk about them. What is a fact is that Valve will continue to support Steam OS for a long time.

Since we talked about Steam, the platform generated more than $ 4300 MDD last year; More than half of these revenues were provided by the 100 best-selling titles. On the other hand, the service received some changes in its Wishlist section


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