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Vacante gives clues about Cyberpunk advertising campaign 2077

The first trailer could be close

The expectation for Cyberpunk 2077, the upcoming and ambitious title of CD Projekt RED, is great and although the company has revealed little information, fans have found some clues to calculate the stage of progress of the project. On this occasion, a vacancy published by the Polish study refers to interesting facts related to the first trailer of the game and the start of its advertising campaign.

A Gamingbolt report cites a recent vacancy posted by CD Projekt RED, whose marketing division is looking for a specialist to work on the development of promotional material on video. The information in the publication refers to those who obtain the work must create all kinds of visual material in high quality for the advertising campaign, including trailer, ads, sample videos and other products. In turn, the creative work will be supported by the direct contact that will be had with the video editing team and both the creative director and the art director. One of the skills indicated in the vacancy is the knowledge to create effects before and after a catastrophic explosion.

At the same time, the report shares the findings of some users on Reddit , who found that the profiles of Bruce Shtelmakher and Marek Brzezinski, gameplay engineer and character conceptual artists, have been updated with the activities they carry out in the project. In this sense, Shtelmakher indicates that he is dedicated to the programming of statistics, items and inventory management, while Brzezinski has dedicated himself to the concepts of weapons, machines, scenes, environments and light effects.

It is important to remember that CD Projekt RED informed that the first trailer and advertising campaign of the game, as well as the official details disclosures, will begin without previous notice and this will be done as soon as it is considered that the game is ready to be shown to the public.


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