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This is how The Good Life , the new Swery65 game, looks

More than 1 month left to support the White Owls campaign

This week Swery65, creative manager of Deadly Premonition, relaunched the massive funding campaign of The Good Life. So that more people are encouraged to support it, the creator shared a video that shows us his technical demo.

Through an update on Kickstarter, the White Owls team presented Rainy Woods, the city where The Good Life will be held. As they told us before, it is a mysterious place in England that is in the middle of nowhere. Being so far from other towns has a very different culture to the rest and hides one or two secrets.

So, in the technical demo, we see Naomi, the protagonist of The Good Life, walking the streets of Rainy Woods. Although the development team preferred to keep the surprises for another time, we can see that it is a nice place that, in appearance, is very quiet. In addition, in the footage, we see that the art direction allows The Good Life to have an attractive visual section.

Do you want to see it? Then check it below:

If the video caught your attention, we inform you that you still have 33 days left to support the fundraising campaign of The Good Life on Kickstarter. Keep in mind that, at the time of writing this note, the project has achieved $ 3,689,680 MXN of the $ 11,621,1313 MXN it needs to become a reality (approximately $ 600.00 USD).

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