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They will release impressive figure of Mercy of Overwatch

The collection piece will cost $ 175 USD

There is good news for fans of Dr. Angela Ziegler, as Blizzard Entertainment announced an incredible figure of Mercy from Overwatch.

The piece measures more than 35 centimeters and was sculpted by Dominic Qwek and Taso Gionis. We can see Mercy in her classic skin, in a pose with her arm extended and wings spread. Enthusiasts can pre-purchase the figure from this moment for $ 175 USD and will be available in the final quarter of 2018. Make your reservation here.

Previously, Blizzard launched statues of Genji, Tracer, Widowmaker, and Reaper for $ 150 USD, so Mercy's has a higher price than previous ones. However, the figure of D.Va continues as the most expensive, since it costs $ 450 USD.

In information related to Overwatch, we tell you that Blizzard will hold a new event next week. That's right, Overwatch Archives will be available from April 10 to 30 and will bring back the Insurrection mode in King's Row. A new modality called Revenge will also be available.

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