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They show in detail the Dunkirk map for Call of Duty: WWII

Sledgehammer showed part of the content of the next DLC for the FPS

This week, Call of Duty: WWII players on PlayStation 4 will have the opportunity to download The War Machine, their second downloadable content package. To celebrate, Sledgehammer shared a video in which he gives us a deep look at the design behind Dunkirk, one of the multiplayer maps he will include.

In the footage, Matt Abbot, Sledgehammer Games artist and Gabriel Galaz, Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer designer, shared everything fans should know about Dunkirk before entering the battle. They explained that when creating the map, the most important thing was to reflect the history of Operation Dinamo, in which hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the Allies were rescued. So, they made elements of the evacuation of soldiers from England, France and Belgium on the beach, while in the residential area elements of Germany appear blocking access.

According to Galaz, one of the most important elements of Dunkirk's gameplay is that it does not follow the traditional design of other studio maps. What it means is that the residential area and the beach offer different types of gameplay. In addition, it emphasizes that the boat that is stuck in the sand is one of the most important points of the stage since it will divide the beach and offer protection to the players.

"We really wanted to capture the essence of what this evacuation was. Not only from the gameplay perspective but also from the historical perspective. We think we did a good job of combining those 2 elements. We had a lot of fun doing this map and we can not wait to see them on the beaches of Dunkirk. "

Check the video below:

As we mentioned before, The War Machine will arrive tomorrow to PlayStation 4 and in addition to Dunkirk will include maps in Egypt and Germany. It will also add a new War mode scenario and present the next episode of zombie mode. Note that it is part of the shooter Season Pass and will also be sold in exchange for $ 15 USD.

Call of Duty: WWII is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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