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They launch impressive trailer of a fake animated series of PAYDAY

Unfortunately, the project is nothing more than an April Fools' joke.

Through its YouTube channel, OVERKILL launched an advance of PAYDAY: The Animated Series, a project inspired by animated action series from the 80s. The video is fun and incredible, which only makes it more difficult accept that it is nothing more than an April Fools' joke.

In the preview, OVERKILL tells us that PAYDAY: The Animated Series would be a caricature that would allow "both children and adults" to begin their professional criminal career. This is so because in it would follow the adventures of the masked group PAYDAY, which is well armed to make assaults and become a millionaire with the booty.

It is a high-quality video and which surely was done with a lot of dedication, so, even if it's a joke, it's worth checking out. In addition, we must confess that we loved the way in which he mocks the animated series of that time and many of the promotions of product sales on television.

Without more we leave you with the video:

What do you think about it? Do you think that an animated PAYDAY series would be a success? Tell us in the comments.

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