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They discover secret in the map of the collection edition of God of War

Players deciphered a message and confirmed that it does have effect in the game

After a few days in the market and as often happens with some of the most important titles, the community of players of God of War is exploring every corner of the game world to find something new or some secret placed there by the development team. Thanks to these enthusiasts, something interesting was discovered that involves the collection edition of the SIE Santa Monica title.

A Kotaku report refers to the discovery of some players of God of War, who stopped looking in the game and decided to analyze any type of detail in the box, disk or material of the collected edition. Fortunately, the search paid off and a detailed analysis of the map included in the God of War collection edition revealed what the development team hid for hardcore players. Next, we will inform you what happened but keep in mind that it is spoiler zone, so continue at your own risk:

As you know, the God of War collection edition and the impressive Stone Mason Edition include among all its contents a map of Midgard with all its kingdoms and the Lake of the Nine. This map is surrounded by the drawing of a snake and some users noticed that it seemed to have runes on its scales, specifically at the top and bottom of the map, which led to suspicion. It was then that a player confronted the runes with the Roman alphabet and found a secret message about a treasure that was found by Brok and Sindri, the blacksmith brothers who appear in the game and are part of the Nordic mythology.

The message revealed the story of a discovery made by Brok and Sindri as they toured every corner of Midgard on their own to make a detailed map that would be offered to Faye, the wife of Kratos and mother of Atreus. According to the story, both smiths found themselves at a point in the territory and discovered a treasure, unfortunately, both lost their memory and could not return to the place where they had seen it, blaming each other for the mistake and causing a family break that lasted a long time.

However, the message continued and revealed the way in which the treasure could be found at the same point as the blacksmith brothers: "to find the great treasure, you must stand in the middle of the golden circle and face the temple of Tyr. Then, you must turn to see the brazier on the left, then again the temple of Tyr, the brazier on the right and the brazier on the left.After doing this, look again at the brazier on the left, then the temple of Tyr, then the floor and the brazier on the right, look again at the brazier on the left and finally look back at the temple of Tyr to reveal the forgotten treasure. "

After an arduous search, a user discovered that there were more runes on the map and these were interpreted as cardinal points and locations of the path of Brok and Sindri. In that way, the community deduced that Brok had begun his journey in the lower left corner of the map while Sindri did it from the upper right corner; both routes came to an end at the Muspelheim tower, south of Lake Nine. Immediately, the players took Kratos to the spot and confirmed that if you follow the instructions in the story, a dimensional portal will open and you will find a knob that will increase all the ax statistics and integrate a concussion wave at the end of his light attack combo.

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