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They detail changes that will be made in the remastering of System Shock

Know some images and part of the music of the project

The development of System Shock's remastering has been somewhat uneven. As you will remember, Nightdive Studios was forced to suspend the project to regain direction and stick to its original vision.

The study said that the creation of the title is still standing, but that it will take time to rethink the development perspective. According to Stephen Kick, general manager of Nightdive Studios, many people became involved in the project, so it became deformed with the proposals of all.

Fortunately, everything indicates that the study already took back part of the course that had planned, because it shared a new update on System Shock. Thanks to this, we have new captures and a little of the music that will set this science fiction adventure.

According to Kick, the changes will no longer work as a reinterpretation of the game, as the remastering will fully adhere to the vision of the original title. As you can see in the images below, the original art style will be retaken.

In addition, there will also be changes at the audio level. Jonathan Peros will be responsible for the soundtrack, which will seek to reflect the music of the time when the original game debuted. Without further ado, I leave you the images and a sample of the System Shock soundtrack :

"We had a brief respite, and we took the time to make some difficult decisions, which included saying goodbye to some of the developers they met through past updates. What we have left is a concentrated team consisting of the original developers who worked on the Unity demo, "Kick wrote from the game's Kickstarter page.

The creative said that the development of the title will not start again from the beginning, because they could reuse most of the work they had already done. Thanks to this advance, Kick hopes that in September of this year they will begin the first tests of the game.

Despite this, take into account that the developer commented that the remastering of System Shock could debut until 2020, so there is still a long wait ahead.


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