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They consider as absurd a Battle Royale mode for Rainbow Six: Siege

Craig Robinson from Ubisoft was blunt when asked by a user

We are currently in the middle of the popularity of the Battle Royale genre, which has been a success in terms of a number of players and more as a business. This has given rise to the idea that some of the most important games with recognized multiplayer components should be integrated in a similar way, in order to take advantage of the trend. However, some people do not agree with this happening, at least in the particular case of Rainbow Six: Siege.

As you know, yesterday was the April Fool's Day, day in which jokes are customary and for many years some media and fans related to the video game industry have let their imagination fly to announce all kinds of things. The day of jokes this year was not the exception and a fan of Rainbow Six: Siege made a video in which the news was the confirmation of a Battle Royale mode for the game Ubisoft Montreal and even referred "official" information of an Extrabajador of the French company to corroborate the announcement. Obviously, this was a joke but some took it as an official announcement, so they looked for ways to know something from Ubisoft.

The wave of questions came to Craig Robinson, community manager of Rainbow Six: Siege , who responded sharply to the questioning of a fan, considering that the idea of integrating a Battle Royale mode into the game was absurd and recommended that they pay more attention to this type of ads in April Fool's Day frame.
Rainbow Six Siege is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC and recently received an important downloadable content: Operation Chimera.


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