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There is already a date for The Haunted Forest of Hearthstone

The promotion will give you envelopes and a legendary letter for free

The Haunted Forest, the new expansion of Hearthstone, was revealed in mid-March. Blizzard refines the final details for the arrival of this content, which will be available in a matter of days.

Through its Twitter account, the company revealed that The Haunted Forest will debut next April 12. He also reminded the players that they are still in time to pre-order a special pack of 50 card envelopes. In doing so, they will receive a special back and 20 additional envelopes.

On the other hand, the company confirmed that, for a limited time, interested parties may obtain free of charge 3 envelopes and a legendary letter of the random class of the new expansion.

This will be possible after the launch of The Haunted Forest. The promotion will be active until July 11 of this year. Take into account that if you preorder envelopes you will not be able to access them until the official arrival of the expansion.

The Haunted Forest will take us to the city of Gilneas, whose inhabitants lived in peace until Hagatha the witch threw a terrible curse. This caused havoc in a nearby forest.

"The most daring travelers who dare to venture outside the walls of the city after sunset disappears among the trees never to return. The Haunted Forest is not a safe place for anyone! "Wrote the company.

This expansion will include a new game mode called Monster Hunt. In it, you will have to embark to the sinister forest in search of adventures. There will be 135 additional cards that will offer you new tactics based, for example, on odd and even costs.

In related news, Blizzard said there will be 3 new expansions for his title this year. The company detailed some of the changes it will make in Hearthstone before the arrival of the Year of the Raven. 

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