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The Surge will receive more free content soon

Cutting Edge Pack will include several sets of weapons and armor

Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive have good news for the entire The Surge community. The companies will offer some new technology to the players to face all the dangers of the game. Best of all, the content will arrive free of charge.

The Surge will receive a DLC called Cutting Edge Pack. Thanks to him, all those interested can get 3 new sets of weapons and armor at no cost. If you are interested in knowing the content, take into account that it will be available in a couple of weeks.

To be exact, the Cutting Edge Pack will arrive on April 17 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. To reveal the content, Deck 13 shared a message and some images that show the new sets.

"Discover the best CREO technology in Cutting Edge Pack, a free DLC for The Surge that features 3 new sets of armor and weapons!" Wrote the company.

If you have not played the title in recent months, we remind you that you received a new expansion in December. A Walk in the Park debuted along with The Surge: Complete Edition, ideal title version for those seeking to introduce themselves for the first time.

If before you buy the game you want to take a look, take into account that your demo is now available on all platforms. Earlier this year, Deck 13 was surprised to announce The Surge 2. There are not many details of the sequel yet, but we know it will reach consoles and PC sometime in 2019.

The Surge is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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