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The soundtrack of God of War was recorded in Old Norse

Sony releases another video behind the scenes of its expected exclusive

Music is an important element of video games because it serves to connect us emotionally with what is happening and what the characters are living. The people in charge of the soundtrack of God of War are aware of this, so their mission was to do a job full of identity that reflects the new adventure of Kratos in this Nordic world. A key part of achieving this was that they sought a choir that sang in Old Norse.

In a new video behind the scenes, Peter Scaturro, producer of the soundtrack for God of War, explained that it was important to preserve the essence of music from past deliveries, but modernize it to reflect the news. That is why they decided to look for a linguist who translated their letters in English into Old Norse. Later, they traveled to Iceland to look for a choir that could sing it, since its language conserves several structures of the language of these songs.

"The purpose of music when you play is to give you emotional subtext. It should give you clues about what the characters are feeling at that point and I think that attracts us to the gameplay and allows that connection with the characters. In this case, we tried something that really reflects Kratos and the new context of the game, "said Scaturro. "I think we can all agree that there is a blueprint that indicates what the soundtrack of a God of War should look like: an epic chorus, many strings, and several metals. So what we wanted to do in this installment was to keep that DNA intact but give it a fresh sound and a fresh point of view. "

Do you want to see how the soundtrack of God of War was made? Then we do not tell you more and we leave you with the video:

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If you liked this video, we tell you that there are other similar ones. For example, we recently showed you one that presents the process behind the capture of Kratos' new fighting moves. On the other hand, by this means Sony also showed us how they made it be a title with sequence shot.

We take advantage that we talk about God of War to tell you that it is expected that completing it 100% will take more than 40 hours. On the other hand, there are rumors that indicate that this title will occupy 39 GB of available space on your PlayStation 4. Finally, we tell you that it will have different styles of game, but none of them will be a minigame with sexual themes.

God of War will arrive on April 20 as an exclusive for PlayStation 4.

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