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The HTC Vive Pro is now available in Japan

The cost of the VR device in the country gives a clue about its price in the West

Although virtual reality technology and the devices responsible for taking it to homes or workplaces have struggled hard to break into the market, there are some countries and regions that represent a new opportunity for success. This is the case of the HTC Vive Pro device, which is already available in Japan.

Through a statement, HTC NIPPON Corporation reported that its high-resolution device, HTC Vive Pro, is now available in the Japanese market to provide the maximum virtual reality experience to the public. The statement says that the HTC Vive Pro includes 2 bases 2.0, 2 Vive controls, which guarantee a significant increase in the tracking area. In turn, the division of HTC in Japan reported that it will also release a special package designed for those who use the HTC Vive Pro for business or work reasons, which will include a warranty extension and direct support from the company.

Now that the HTC Vive Pro is available in the Japanese market, we could know its price in that country, which is set at $ 1500 USD and some opinions suggest that the version for the United States, which could arrive in summer, would be around that price.


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